Mapping London. Reaching the world.

01 Ethnicity map 101 Ethnicity table

A map of London according to ethnicity. London, like so many cities around the world has been transformed by immigration. We’re not reaching cities any more, we’re reaching tribes and tribes within tribes.

The old rules don’t apply. You’ve got find insiders (persons of peace - Lk 10) and through them whole relational worlds (the oikos or household).

It has to be viral, reproducible, simple and flexible. A Bangladeshi Muslim from east London has local friends and family. He has friends and family in Bangladesh who are just a Facebook post, a phone call, or flight away.

The gospel can jump from London England to Sylhet Bangladesh in an afternoon. Now you’ve got a church plant happening in a country you’ve never visited.

How big is your vision? How profoundly simple are your methods?

"London: the Information Capital: 100 Maps and Graphics That Will Change How You View the City" (James Cheshire, Oliver Uberti)