Drawing your way to following Jesus

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I got excited by this story which came in from Kim and Ashley Hood, who serve with MOVE in Thailand.

"It's happening so fast" said the Thai coordinator for English Classes held on Sunday. The last 2 months we have partnered with Oh and the 300 Club to run English 4 LIFE classes that connect culture with a Bible story. The last series of lessons we did from Creation, Noah, John the Baptist and the woman with the bleeding problem.

  1. The students read the story, in Thai first and then in English.
  2. They draw the story
  3. They re-tell the story to each other
  4. They answer and discuss these questions: What do you learn about God/Jesus? What do you learn about people? If this story is true, is there anything you would like to change or do differently?
  5. Then they choose someone they can share the story with over the next week.

The students are not followers of Jesus but are all open to learning more. When we did the story of John the Baptist. Two young women shared the story with each other and said the story gives them hope because God can forgive. They then asked, "Can we get baptised too?"

God's word is so alive and His Spirit reveals truth.

Oh and her team are following the students up — so far two have become followers of Jesus and four are meeting in a small group to learn more about Jesus.