Lesson #4. They widened the circle and narrowed the focus

The fourth lesson on how to help an existing church fuel disciple making movements.

For the background you’ll need to listen to my interview with David Broodryk.

Lesson #4. They widened the circle and narrowed the focus

Formal and informal leaders bought in. Awareness in the church spread. Broodryk then launched a third training for the whole church. The training focused on a vision for disciple making movements and the skills required to immediately begin making it happen. People were invited and challenged, but they were not compelled. There was never an expectation that everybody would immediately jump on board.

Instead, the purpose of the training was two-fold. First, orient everybody to disciple making movements and give them the skills to get started. Second, identify those who immediately began applying what they had learned. Who was out doing Discovery Bible Studies, forming groups and making disciples?

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