067-From church to movement: David Broodryk

David Broodryk and Steve Addison
David Broodryk and Steve Addison
 It isn't the changes that do you in, it's the transitions.

William Bridges

Most change ventures fail when leaders think only about the change to be introduced rather than the people who need to embrace it.

In this interview, David Broodryk talks about helping churches embrace and adopt the principles and practices of disciple making movements.

David is a trainer, coach and catalyst for disciple making movements. You can register online to access his resources.

NOTE; I had planned to release this in two weeks' time, but David's insights are so important I hit "publish" as soon as it was ready to go. I think this interview will form the basis of a whole chapter for my next book on movement leadership. It fills in the missing pieces on helping existing churches play their part in disciple making movements. A game changer for me. Thanks David!

UPDATE: Interview with Peter Snyman.