Troubleshooting the Four Fields: Leadership Multiplication

Four Fields  leadership


The inspiration for my Movements Diamond came from Nathan Shank’s Four Fields training on church planting movements.

This is the last in a series on how to  troubleshoot each of the Four Fields of a church planting movement.

 Leadership multiplication: Key Questions

  • Are there 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations of healthy churches?
  • Are you in control?

Reproducing Discipleship truths/Vision casting:

Leadership training begins in Field 1 Your goal is next generation leaders capable of the kingdom process, tools and vision.

Give your leaders your intentional time. Who are you committed to spend 60-90 days with this year? Every Paul has a Timothy. Everyone leading a group must identify folks in their second groups and begin investing in them.

Diagnostic Questions:

  • Can you list your Timothies?
  • What barriers are you seeing in each field for new/emerging leaders to emerge?
  • How do you identify emerging leaders in field four/new church starts? Qualifications?
  • Have you examined expectations with scripture?
  • What roles for new leaders develop quickly?
  • What roles need more specific/intentional responsibilities to foster?
  • How do you empower? What roles need formal recognition?
  • What roles are a product of every believer expectation?
  • How do you handle discipline when roles are neglected?
  • If you were removed today, what roles would suffer/end within your network?

Find out more on the Four Fields in my interviews with Nathan somewhere in South Asia: The Five Parts of a CPM Plan. Also my interviews with Jeff Sundell and Friends.

"T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution: The Story Behind the World's Fastest Growing Church Planting Movement and How it Can Happen in Your Community!" (Steve Smith)