(VIDEO) Following and Fishing: Session 1

The first of four sessions on multiplying disciples, groups and churches. Everywhere.

In this session we learn how to pray for people who are far from God. How to lead someone through a Discovery Bible study. Finally, how to share your story with someone in three minutes.

The videos are not a substitute for doing the training, face to face, with an experienced practitioner.

The best way to use the video content is help you become a better practitioner who trains others. The best training is not delivered by video but by a practitioner in the room, face to face. The best training is also delivered over series of up to eight weeks, so that participants have an opportunity to implement between sessions.

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Lastly thanks to Kris Rossow for filming and editing the video and thanks to the good people at CCClive.tv for making the training available to a wider audience.

Following and Fishing: Sessions 1-4