Ray has been at it again

IMG 0680 copy Another Great Commission story from Ray Vaughn:

Today was a good day with some friends walking around in an apartment complex praying and talking with people.

We were able to do some discipleship training with Ravi who God has been working in over the past several months.  We brought him along with us to pray for and talk to his neighbours. This was his first time doing this.

Two people agree to let us come to their home to study the Word of God.

We are excited for what God is doing in this complex.  We were also caught in some heavy rain under random people's door steps, this made for a fun time.

You could wait until Ravi and his neighbours knock on the door of your church. Or you could do what the Shepherd did, and leave the 99 and go looking for the one that is lost (Matt 18:12-14).