Thinking and acting like a movement leader

When Jeff Sundell wants to help a worker think and act like a movement leader, here's what he asks them.

Community___________________   Population____________________

• How many people do you influence? Who do they influence?

• Who owns the community? Who are the people with the Moose’s syndrome* who are also focusing on your community?

• How many people will hear a M2E (mouth to ear) Gospel presentation today in your community of focus?

• How many people will be discipled today in your community by one of your Timothy’s?

• How many of your Timothy’s will train someone today on how to share his/her story and God’s story?

• How many of your Timothy’s will train someone on how to make a reproducing disciple today?

• How many of your Timothy’s will share a M2E Gospel today in your community?

• How many Christians can you train this year to share their stories, Jesus’ story and how to make disciples?

• How many times will you share the Gospel weekly in your community?

Four Fields: How many people under your influence can do F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5?

*Moose's syndrome: I think that should read "Moses' syndrome" and refer to Exodus 32:11-15 when Moses stood between his people and the judgment of God.