The spread of the word over breakfast


We sat down at breakfast this morning and struck up a conversation with

We're in Chiang Mai for the MOVE staff conference.

He's a health professional who educates in drug and alcohol abuse and healthy living. He is passionate about his job but discouraged at how hard it is to help people change.

Michelle and I told him we were educators too. Our job was to help people follow Jesus. What did he know about Jesus?

Our discussion went slowly as his English was limited and our Thai non existent.

I picked up his interest in healthy living and good nutrition. His background was in food production.

So near the end I asked him if he'd ever heard the story about Jesus feeding 5,000 hungry people. He hadn't so I shared it with him and included the part where Jesus explain's to his disciples that he is the "bread of life."

Finally I asked if I could pray for him and his wife and asks God's blessing on his work and his family.

How long did all that take? About 30 minutes over breakfast. We parted with hand shakes and smiles all round.

BTW if you're looking for a restful holiday or a great location for a conference I can recommend the Horizon Village Resort, Chiang Mai. Off season we're paying about $50 a day with three meals and excellent accommodation.