The difference training makes

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From our latest newsletter, written by Michelle . ..

Seven weeks ago I (Michelle) started training nine women on a Monday morning in sharing their faith and making disciples. All of them had a heart to reach out to lost people but didn’t really know how to go about it.

They learned how to share their personal story about why they decided to follow Jesus. For homework they had to start sharing their story with family and friends. The following week only three had shared with someone. I was disappointed.

Next I taught them how to pray for people. One lady came back the next week and said she had prayed for three people that week and it was really exciting for her. We then learnt how to connect with lost people.

On week four we all went down to the local shopping centre and in pairs we met people and talked to them about Jesus. Not everyone wanted to talk, but one girl listened. One of the trainees, Winnie, asked her if she wanted to hear her Jesus story and she did.

Winnie asked her if she wanted to know more about Jesus and she did. Winnie asked her if she wanted Jesus to forgive her sins and to follow Jesus and she did. God had prepared this young woman who was just visiting Australia for three weeks.

I’ve just finished my seventh week with the women. This week every woman was sharing Jesus with lost people. One person decided to follow Jesus. Two people led their first Discovery Bible studies with friends. A couple of women will start training others.

A couple of ladies felt God leading them to contact old friends and had amazing God conversations with them. What a transformation! These women are excited. They are challenged and this week about thirty people heard the gospel. This is the difference the right kind of training makes.

We’re now taking the training wherever we can find people who want to make disciples. In one group, two trainees have led people to Christ. During the training, one young man realized he hadn’t made a commitment to Jesus. So one of the trainees led him to Jesus then and there.

I have three groups I’m training now around Melbourne. I am very excited as I see these trainees realize they ‘can’ share their story and God’s story with lost people. It’s not as hard as they thought and actually lots of people want to hear about Jesus.

Our mission is to multiply disciples and churches. Everywhere. We model it. We train others around Australia and around the world to do what we do.

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