6. Multiply workers

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Visit the world population clock sometime. Watch the numbers tick over — births, deaths, net population increase, all in real time.

Ask yourself, if we keep doing ministry the way we've always been doing ministry, will we ever catch up?

Missionary movements don't just do ministry, they multiply ministry. Multiplication is the X in the Movements Diamond.

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Jesus did ministry. Matthew tells us he visited every town and village in Galilee, all 175 of them, representing over 200,000 people. The same pattern of movement across Judea and in Jerusalem. The whole time he was training workers who would go to the nations.

This is how he multiplied workers for a missionary movement:

Model: He modeled effective ministry to his disciples.

Assist: He recruited them to work with him.

Watch: He watched what they did and provided instruction.

Leave: Finally, he left them to get on with the job and to train others.

At Pentecost the Risen Lord He sent the Holy Spirit upon them so that they would continue his ministry in his power.

Missionary movements release workers into new, unreached fields to advance the spread of the gospel.

It is not easy, but it should be simple. The task is immense, but Jesus of Nazareth has led the way, and as the risen Lord he continues to work through his Word and his Spirit and even through us, his people.

Make a list of the people you could be training in the field to make disciples. How will you begin?

Multiplying workers is the only way of reaching a lost world. Nothing else will get the job done.

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