Heading home

IMG 2994 Heading home from Launceston, Tasmania. Saw my first set of albino wallabies (small version of the kangaroo) this afternoon.

I trained about 80 people at the Tailrace Centre in Following Jesus and Fishing for People.

Here's an email from one:

Hi guys - last night when I got home from the conference I decided to step out in faith and share my story with a friend who is having a really tough time at the moment. I sent her a short email just saying that it breaks my heart seeing her struggle and I wished she had Jesus to turn to, and then shared a bit of my story.

I posted a prayer request on the church Facebook page for her to be responsive and she sent me an email later than night saying she was touched by my thoughtfulness and would like to have a read of anything I have about Jesus that she would find easy to understand.

I'm so excited! I've never done this before!

Thank you Jesus for making the way, softening her heart, and loving her and never giving up on her!

UPDATE: from another participant:

My muslim friend, jumped at the offer to get together and look at Bible stories. How good is that! He is very open.


Implemented what I learnt at intensive in my women's group on Monday.

I have two women who are searching Jesus, a new Christian and, besides myself, one other long time Christian. We all shared our story, and then was quite excited to hear God's story and what He can and is doing in our lives!! Please pray for the two women who are searching.


I thought you would be interested in that I have coached all my team to share faith in the three chair module.

All but one (there are 6 of us) have shared faith in the last 2 weeks.