Household conversions in Acts

Jesus sent his disciples out on mission looking for responsive households. He set the same example in his mission. The pattern continued in Acts.

Luke is the only New Testament writer who believed that the story of Jesus was incomplete without the story of the spread of the gospel through his followers, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

About on quarter of Acts is devoted to conversion stories. Among these stories are four accounts of the conversion of households.

  • Cornelius - a centurion (10:1-11:18)
  • Lydia - a female merchant (16:11-15)
  • A Roman jailor - a Roman civil servant (16:25-34)
  • Crispus - a synagogue president (18:1-11)

The gospel marches from Jerusalem to Rome primarily by the means of the house. The mission of the church begins in a house (1:13-2:22) and ends in a house (28:30).

The messengers in Acts convert entire households to faith in the manner of the seventy-two messengers in Luke who followed Jesus' instructions (Luke 10) and example (Luke 19).

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