Acts exercise

IMG_2459.JPG While I was in the US I spent two days at a Community of Practice with Jeff Sundell. To get an invitation you need to have done some basic training and already be out looking for person's of peace and sharing the gospel.

Here's one of the exercises Jeff took us through.


Assign a missionary journey to each of three groups

  1. Acts 13-14
  2. Acts 15:36-18:22
  3. Acts 18:23-21:16

For each journey, identify these themes:

  • Holy Spirit
  • Proclamation and witness
  • Healings and miracles
  • Persecution and response
  • Conversions and churches

Each group writes their findings on a large sheet of paper and reports back in chronological order. (See the image above).

Discuss the findings.

Participants compare their current practice to the patterns in Acts then plan adjustments.

Additional exercise: Participants write up their own Acts 29. From what they have learned in Acts, they envision the future development of their own ministry of multiplying disciples and churches. Then plan accordingly.