What Jesus Started: Contents

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In the Beginning Was Jesus

Part One: What Jesus Began

1 Why Jesus Came
2 Let’s Go Somewhere Else
3 Jesus’ Gospel
4 Follow Me and I'll Teach You
5 I Will Build My Church
6 Time to Go

Interlude: Church on the Porch

Part Two: What Jesus Continued to Do: The Twelve and the Early Church

7 Acts of the Risen Lord
8 Missionaries Without Borders
9 Eyewitness News
10 Obedience School
11 Life in the First Church
12 From Jerusalem to the World

Interlude: Ying Kai and the Power of Multiplication

Part Three: What Jesus Continued to Do: Paul and His Team

13 Finally He Gets It!
14 Any way he can
15 One Gospel
16 The Obedience of Faith
17 When You Come Together
18 Nothing Left to Do

Interlude: Julius Ebwongu Shifts the Paradigm

Part Four: What Jesus Is Doing Today

19 Seeing the End
20 Connecting with People
21 Sharing the Gospel
22 Training Disciples
23 Gathering Communities
24 Multiplying Workers
25 Starting Somewhere

Implementation Guide

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