040-Scattering to Gather [podcast]

(L to R) Clint, Jeff, Neil and Dean.

(L to R) Clint, Jeff, Neil and Dean.

I'm enjoying the beauty of autumn in North Carolina with Jeff Sundell. Learning from him and the people he's trained and mobilised to connect with people, share the gospel, train disciples and form church in the community.

This interview was recorded in South Carolina with Neil, Dean and Clint. They've been prayer walking an old mill town that has seen better days. The mills have gone. So have the jobs. People have left. Others have moved in to take advantage of the low cost of housing.

We hear how their time in the community went. Who they met. We also get to know the waitress serving the meal. They've been praying for her and her family. There's a nice twist at the end.

In the follow up interview we'll talk to Neil Perry, lead pastor at Element church about how their scattering into the community is changing how they gather as a church.