Parliament votes no to same sex marriage

From time to time I have drawn attention to the advocacy by progressive clergy for same sex marriage.

It now appears certain that both houses of the Australian parliament will vote no to same sex marriage. This will not be the end of the matter but the beginning of a new stage in the campaign as advocates lobby for changes to the law on a state-by-state basis.

Paul Kelly in the Australian writes that at the heart of the campaign is a new ideology of marriage equality.

He argues that the campaign for same sex marriage is about changing the concept of marriage as the core institution of our civilisation.

The proposal is to strip from the law the idea of marriage as a union between "a man and a woman" and substitute "two people". This means the removal of concepts of motherhood and fatherhood from law, governance and administration in favour of parenthood. Once enshrined in law, the education systems from primary schools upwards will teach your children the ideology of marriage equality, namely equality of homosexual and heterosexual unions, as the foundation for cultural norms, and a philosophy of family that is dictated by constantly evolving social behaviour and fashions.

Kelly warns that,

Once the state authorises same-sex marriage then religions will come under intense pressure and another campaign based on the further application of marriage equality will begin. Looking at the passions of the same-sex movement, can this be doubted? At that point the ideology of marriage equality runs into direct conflict with the idea of religious freedom. Something will have to give.

Kelly is right. The campaign will continue to roll on. Same sex marriage is not the final goal. They want our hearts and minds as well.

The big surprise are the clergy who enthusiastically support this campaign, and the unwillingness of other Christian leaders to openly challenge them. When clergy are permitted to undermine the beliefs and practices of the faith they are meant to uphold, it's a sure sign that a movement is in decline and moving towards decay.

Meanwhile locally, another denomination decides it's time for a conversation about sexual orientation and gay marriage.