Simply profound


Last Monday night I sat around the table with six people and heard each of their stories in around three minutes each.

It didn’t take long before the tears began to flow.

The six were leaders from a church wanting to roll out the Following and Fishing training in 2013. I was there to answer questions and give them a taste of what to expect.

We talked about movements and how a local church could get started training their people to connect, share the gospel and train disciples.

The taste was teaching them to share their story in three minutes and identify the people in their relational world who they could pray for and share with.

Instead of breaking into pairs to practice, someone suggested we go around the room. Most of the people were new to me. You make assessments of people within a few minutes of meeting them. Those assessments melt away when you hear them sharing their story of how they met Christ and what he means to them today.

Every story had impact. One story especially was deeply moving. It took just a few mintues to share.

Next year we’re going to teach everyone in this church who wants to learn, how to share their story with the people around them. They’ll learn a simple gospel presentation. They’ll learn a simple method of making disciples using a Discovery Bible Study.

What’s the point of exhorting people to share their faith if we don’t give them the confidence that training, practice and a supportive environment provides?

If it’s not simple and profound, it’s not contagious.