On the road. Back on track.

I’ve been on the road the last few weeks, training.

It’s been hard work. Michelle and I are wearing a number of different hats. Local practitioners, leading a mission agency, study (Michelle), writing (Steve). Add in a wider role in training and mobilizing others and our dance card is full.

It’s worth it. Locally we’re seeing people come to know Christ and go on in learning to follow him. But what we achieve can never be enough to finish the task. We have to train others. We’re training new believers. Some of them are learning quickly to share their new faith with their friends. For others it’s slower going.

Further afield, I’m out training anyone who wants to learn how to share the gospel and make disciples. Just four sessions to cover the basics and get people started. Here are the handouts I use: Following fishing booklet 09-12.pdf. More about them later.

Wherever I train, I’m looking for people who are eager to learn, quick to implement and have the potential to train others. In Tasmania I met Suzanna. She told me, “If only I had known these things when I was first converted. I had hundreds of friends. I was on fire, but my church told me I’d get over it and I should sit down and learn.” Suzanna and her husband Mark are now talking about setting up a ministry to reach international students.

I met Chris from the NSW highlands. He got excited about finding persons of peace in four other towns in his region. He was going home to visit each one and see if God would lead him to someone who could reach their community.

Not everyone who does the training will follow through. I’m looking for those who do.

For over twenty years I’ve been trying to mobilize Aussies to reach their nation by sharing the gospel, making disciples and multiplying churches. The missing element has been answering the questions like: How do we get started? What do we do? How do we train others?

Now we've worked that out, it's nice to be on the road, and back on track.