Around midnight


A text message message came in from Michelle around midnigh. I'm away from home. What could be important enough to wake me at that hour? Another friend from English club just gave her life to Christ. Michelle had to let me know. Did I mention it was around midnight?

At Sydney airport the next day, I met up with a former student and took the chance to share the gospel. He's close, very close.

Apparently Michelle and I are now "evangelists" since people are coming to know Christ all around us. I don't buy it. I guess if we can be categorised as evangelists, it means we become the exception, not the rule.

This was the response that really challenged me. It came from William, a seasoned trainer in church planting movements (CPMs). A really helpful question.

"How are you training these new believers to follow Jesus and fish for people? What are they doing?"

He's rejoicing in what God has done through us, but the knows the end game. How are we training these new disciples?  What is God doing through them? That's the question that separates just a great ministry from a disciple-making movement.