Church planting movements — the case against

I'm working on a series of post on the common objections to church planting movements.

UPDATE: Here's some I've heard:

  1. A mile wide, half an inch deep. Quality is substituted for quantity. In the rush for conversions, discipleship is compromised.
  2. Uneducated leadership. A lack of theological education. New believers are rushed into leadership.
  3. Missing kingdom. God wants to save the whole world, not just grow churches.
  4. Out of control. Without denominational structures, CPMs spin out of control.
  5. If it works. . . Pragmatism reigns supreme. The end justifies the means.
  6. Bible studies are not churches. Half a dozen people in house is not a church.
  7. Missionary burnout. The pressure to produce results (indigenous CPMs) takes it’s toll on cross-cultural missionaries.

Send in the ones you have, or have heard, via comments below.