It's official, God can't heal on the streets of Bath


A Christian group in Bath, England which goes by the name of Healing on the Streets (HOTS) was banned by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from claiming that the Creator of the Universe can heal.

According to Archbishop Cranmer, as a result of just one complaint, the ASA investigated with regulatory zeal the outrageous claim that God could heal, and determined after a few coffees that He is just another witchdoctor offering nothing but tinctures of bogus homeopathic potions and ineffectual lotions. God cannot heal, they concluded: the absurd claims of HOTS were fraudulent. The group was told to go and sin no more print no more leaflets and could never again make such absurd claims upon their website.

The Healing On The Streets ministry was started by Causeway Coast Vineyard church in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, in 2005 and has been taken up by dozens of churches across the UK.

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