Beautiful one day, perfect the next


I've left the Melbourne winter behind and headed north to sunny Queensland.

Five minute's walk from the ocean. Burleigh Heads is my favourite spot on the Gold Coast.

For those at my training event yesterday and anyone else who is interested:

1. The Discipleship Cycle by Jeff Sundell.

An overview of training people in making disciples and multiplying communities.

2. Share Jesus without Fear adapted by Tim Scheuer

A simple method for leading people to Christ.

3. Seven Stories of Hope

Seven discovery bible studies for people who want to learn how to follow Jesus.

4. The Seven Commands of Christ by George Patterson

Basic discipleship lessons for new believers. You'll find them in the Discipleship Cycle above.

5. Stories from the field.

Series of interviews with practitioners to get you started.

I suggest you begin with Tim Scheuer and Jeff Sundell.

6. The Movements study guide

An introduction to the basics of sharing the gospel and making disciples.

7. Movements that Change the World

An introduction to movements and the five characteristics of dynamic movements.

UPDATE: The link for Share Jesus Without Fear should now work.