Good Friday update


People have been asking how it went at our place on Good Friday.

We had a great day with just over twenty people. Hot cross buns were followed by the story of Jesus' death and resurrection told as a series of stories from the Gospels.

Michelle convinced me the story was too long to have people to read it and that we needed to do more than just listen. So we did a form of the stations of the Cross.

We gathered around our dining table and I told the story of the Last Supper. We move out into our garden and I retold what happened in the garden of Gethsemane. In our courtyard I told the story of Jesus' trial before Pilate. Then we moved over to a large wooden post (above) in the back garden and I told the story of Jesus' death. Finally I talked about the Resurrection and pointed to a green vine growing from the base of the wooden beam representing new life.

Then we asked people to find a partner and go back to each location and tell the story again to each other.

Finally, those who wanted could write a note of response to God and nail it to the wooden beam.

When we were done we moved onto an amazing feast of food from around the world. Everyone had brought something to share. We talked our way through the afternoon.

We did all of this with a minimum of fuss and expense. Everyone helped out with food. We know where each of the twenty people are with the gospel. We have a simple method of discipling for those who are ready follow Jesus.

We don't want to do anything that can't be done by a new believer with some basic training.