Jesus said to them, "Have you heard the one about the bishop and the billionaire?"


It must be Easter, bishops are speaking out against the evils of society. Bankers and the mining sector were among the villains for making excessive profits. The Occupy Movement was among the heroes. Politicians also came in for their share of criticism — they don't do enough for the poor and needy.

Bankers, miners and politicians are easy targets in Australia. Rather like tax-collectors were in first century Palestine.

I've always found it curious that some regard tax-collectors as "marginalised," as though they were some kind of oppressed minority. Tax-collectors were outcasts because they represented wealth, corruption and power.

Imagine Jesus today telling the story of the theologian and the disgraced hedge fund billionaire . . . (Luke 18:9-14).

At Easter church leaders like to give good advice, when what we all need to hear is the gospel.


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