Who is the master?


In 2006 Brian McLaren called for a moratorium on pronouncements on the subject of homosexuality. He proposed,

We’ll keep our ears attuned to scholars in biblical studies, theology, ethics, psychology, genetics, sociology, and related fields. Then in five years, if we have clarity, we’ll speak; if not, we’ll set another five years for ongoing reflection.

Then with a year remaining on his moratorium, Brian McLaren has made a moral pronouncement on the moral status of homosexuality. He argued that traditional evangelicals need to abandon their 2,000-year old ethic on homosexuality.”

As McLaren's proposal made clear, the real issue is the authority of scripture. For McLaren, and other progressive Christians, God speaks through Bible, but he also speaks authoritatively through academia.

Until 1973, the American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Today, opposing gay marriage will earn you the "homophobia" tag. God must have changed his mind since 1973.

The issue goes beyond human sexuality to who is the master and who is the servant?

We serve a God who speaks and the universe is flung into existence. He speaks and life springs forth. He speaks and we live—male and female in his image. God continues to speak through his people and his acts in history. Finally, he speaks through his Son.

In the book of Acts the Risen Lord continues to pursue God's mission through the spread of his dynamic Word. Jesus' followers, empowered by the Holy Spirit follow the spread of the Word. As God's Word travels, new disciples are made, and new communities are formed.

We wonder why the Christian movement in the affluent West has lost so much of its spiritual power and moral authority. Look no further than our desire to remove ourselves from under the authority of God's dynamic, saving Word.

It is not our mission. It's not our gospel. It's not our kingdom. We don't get to decide God's mind for him. What we receive, we pass on. We are the servants, not the masters.