Lazy Sunday afternoon: Part three

A key to discovery bible study is to get out of the way, and let God's word speak.

There is a time to teach, but not now.

Early on our friend John asked the same question the Pharisees asked, "How can Jesus forgive sins?"

Great question. But this is not the time to answer it.

Michelle's response? "John, what do you think?"

Jesus often answered a question with a question.

You'll be amazed by some of the responses.

Another response can be, "What does the passage say?"

My response at the end of the study? "We'll be looking at seven stories on the life of Jesus. We'll learn something new every week. We'll have unanswered questions every week, but that's ok. The stories will build on our understanding and God will speak to us."

At some point Michelle and I will each share our stories of how we came to know God through Jesus. At some point we'll share a simple gospel presentation. But along the way we are teaching this group to discover truth for themselves. We know that God will speak through his word, directly to them. Truth that is discovered is owned.

We're also modelling to the group how they can begin discipling others. All they need is a person of peace, a kitchen table, a gospel story and five six questions.