Status of Global Mission: 200 years since Judson


Adoniram Judson was twenty-five when he married married Ann Hasseltine on February 5, 1812. The next day he was ordained. Two weeks later, on February 19 Judson and his bride set sail for India aboard the brig Caravan with Luther Rice; Samuel and Harriett Newell; and his wife, Ann ("Nancy") Judson.

They arrived in Calcutta four months later on June 17, 1812.

According to the Centre for Global Christianity, 200 years later there are now around 417,000 foreign missionaries throughout the world.

In 1800, 22.7% of the world identified as Christians. Two hundred years later, that figure has grown to 33%.

In 1800, 33% of the world were Christians or Muslims. By 2000, it was around 53%. The two religions the made up one third of the world's population will make up two thirds of the population by 2100.

By July, 1813 the Judsons shipped out to Myanmar (Burma) and en route his wife miscarried their first child on the ship.

In Myanmar, Judson created a grammar system, translated the Bible into Burmese and won some 100,000 converts to Christianity.