Why can't I marry my girlfriend?


Same sex marriage is the hot topic at the moment with two bills before the Australian parliament to amend the Marriage Act.

On Melbourne talk-back radio this morning presenter Jon Faine (above) takes a listener to task for imposing his narrow, traditional view of marriage on same-sex couples.

The listener asks, "Where do you draw the line then? Is polygamy OK?" Jon Faine won't answer the question.

Another listener calls in.

This caller asks Faine, "Why can't I marry my girlfriend?" Answer: "Because I'm still married to my wife!"

It's not a joke. He's serious.

The caller is married with children, but living with his defacto who is pregnant with their first child. He loves both women.

So he wants to know, why can't I marry my girlfriend, and stay married to my wife?

Good question. Faine has no answer.

Reject the authority of God's word, and where do you draw the line?

Jon Faine is an atheist, but at least he's consistent. Unlike the progressive Christian leaders who are now calling for same sex marriage.