The day J.I. Packer walked out

In June of 2002, the synod of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster (Vancouver, Canada) voted to authorise a service to bless same-sex unions. J.I. Packer was among the synod members who walked out in protest.

Why did I walk out with the others? Because this decision, taken in its context, falsifies the gospel of Christ, abandons the authority of Scripture, jeopardises the salvation of fellow human beings, and betrays the church in its God-appointed role as the bastion and bulwark of divine truth.

J.I. Packer

In 2008, Packer, one of Time magazine's 25 most influential evangelicals, formally quit the Canadian arm of the global Anglican Communion citing "poisonous liberalism" in the church body. He and other evangelicals joined the newly formed (2005) Anglican Network in Canada.

J.I. Packer explains: Why I Walked: Sometimes loving a denomination requires you to fight.