Why we can't change the world

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Most of the books on the topic of Changing the World were written in the last twenty years. Before 1900 we can't find any books written on changing the world in the previous 500 years.

OK I jumped on the bandwagon and called my book, Movements that Change the World.

Who says we're going to change the world? Wherever Jesus went there was conflict and division. Poverty and oppression were still a reality for most people. In Acts, wherever the gospel went cities were "transformed" by riots. Jump ahead to the book of Revelation and you won't find peace on earth. It's a battle, there is evil and suffering until Jesus returns.

In the twentieth century, those who promised heaven on earth, only succeeded in turning the earth into a living hell.

The best chance you have of changing this world is to realise that this world is not our home.