Church in the community — Andy Evans

Andy Evans.jpg Andy Evans is one of the experts I consult from time to time. He hasn't written any books. He isn't invited to address conferences. He doesn't lead a mega church or a cool church.

Andy is an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things like connecting with people in his community, sharing the gospel, making disciples and forming simple neighborhood churches. He is an expert because he's doing something.

When I say "he's doing something" I mean he's doing it, and so are the people he's mobilized.

One of Andy's guys is a former crack cocaine addict who has formed a church in a trailer park with twenty baptized new believers. I want to give that guy an honorary Doctor of Trailer Park Incarnational Missionality.

We've made this mission thing far too complicated, far too abstract, far too distant from the lives of ordinary people.

Andy, and others like him, bring us back to earth, where Jesus is at work.