No one excluded except the real Jesus


It's a serious thing to sack a seventy year old priest. The Catholic church has a shortage of them.

Yet it strikes me as strange that someone who doesn't believe in the Trinity, the virgin birth—who doesn't believe Jesus ever existed—should want to be a priest, or should even expect to remain a priest.

Father Kennedy has found a new faith supported by the Socialist Alliance and other activists. He new faith that rejects the notion that Jesus ever existed, or that God listens when we pray. He has rejected the idea that God intervenes in human affairs, citing the horrific massacre in Norway. How can God be good and powerful if he allows such tragedies to happen?

He hasn't lost faith altogether. He still believes in "the beauty of life and the goodness of people." I'm not sure how long that faith can last when confronted with the reality of human evil such as we have witnessed in Norway.

I would rather live with unanswered questions, and put my faith in a God revealed in a crucified Savior. Jesus was crucified on a very real cross, by real soldiers, in real history.

A sign outside St Mary's read, "Everyone has a place in the church. Every person without exception should be able to feel at home and never rejected."

It seems there is one person who was not welcome in Father Kennedy's church, his name is Jesus of Nazareth.