Floyd McClung on the joy of not leading

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Floyd McClung shares one of his happiest moments so far in Africa. . .

Anyway, my D-Group on Wednesday evenings is with 4 Malawian men who are new believers and future church planters. They live in shacks, are dirt poor, but most important, they have a vibrant, growing love for Jesus and a willingness to sacrifice in extreme ways to make Jesus known. I am investing in future leaders of movements that will transform Africa!

What made the D-Group last Wednesday so powerful to me was the fact that I no longer lead it, the guys are growing in their faith, and, well it is hard to put in a few words, but they get it. They are preparing to go change their nation. They are allowing the Word of God to transform their lives. The main thrust of a D-Group is simple obedience... not more and more head knowledge, but listening to God through the Word, then obeying, then the next week, taking time to give feedback about their victory of failure in obeying that one thing God said.

A D-Group operates on the principle that the best teacher for non-Christians and new Christians alike is the Holy Spirit, and the best book for them to be taught from is the Word, and the best process is obedience oriented self-discovery

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