Barney's 10 Commandments for reluctant evangelists


An important ingredient in every disciple-making movement is plenty of "mouth to ear" evangelism.

I'm a reluctant evangelist. So I sought wise counsel from "Barney," an experienced practitioner in sparking church planting movements. Following my confession and absolution he shared his 10 Commandments for reluctant evangelists.

  1. Shut the lid on your computer.
  2. Get out among people. When Jesus saw the crowds he was moved with compassion.
  3. Set aside a regular time/s each week to share the gospel. Don't come home until you do.
  4. Find a partner and go two by two.
  5. Look for "persons of peace"—responsive people who God has already prepared.
  6. Follow relational networks. When you meet a person of peace find ways for the gospel to go to their friends and family.
  7. Be accountable to someone to stay on track.
  8. Spend time with people who share their faith and make disciples. Learn from them and catch their heart.
  9. Have simple tools for sharing—your story and a gospel presentation. So simple that new believers can quickly copy what you do.
  10. Have simple tools for making disciples—7 Commands of Christ or Discovery Bible study. So simple that new believers can quickly copy what you do.

If, like Jonah, you would rather not obey these commands, there is one command you should obey—stay away from the ocean.