Egypt—Peace or Chaos?

Egypt protests.jpg

The hopes of the world are with Egypt right now. We all want this people's revolution to turn out well for Egyptian people.

Unfortunately, history has some disturbing lessons to teach us about popular uprisings.

The Egyptian revolution is broad-based. But so were the French and the Russian and the Iranian revolutions. In Iran, the revolution only succeeded when the merchants, the housewives, the students and the secularists finally joined with the mullahs to bring down the Shah.

Who ended up in control? The most disciplined, ruthless and ideologically committed—the radical Islamists.

Let's pray that is not Egypt's fate.

Last year I met up with some folk with experienced in sparking church planting movements among Muslim background believers. I asked them, "What are you learning?"

They answered, "We've learned to go to where there is chaos."

Let's pray for peace in Egypt. Let's pray that the current chaos would be an open door for the Prince of Peace.

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