When ministry as usual is not enough

I've just read an advance copy of an outstanding book on church planting movements (CPMs). The book hasn't bee released yet, but one of the authors has written an article that tells the story of one of the world's most prolific disciple-making movements.

Ying Kai, a Chinese-American church planter and pastor, served with his wife Grace as a missionary in an Asian city where they were able to start a new church every year. In the year 2000, though, Ying’s assignment changed. He was asked to reach 20 million people in a corner of one of Asia’s many crowded countries. Ying’s new assignment was of such magnitude that ministry-as-usual would never succeed in reaching the teeming millions who were flooding into the cities and factories.

read on and learn how God worked through Ying Kai to spark a movement of over 1 million new believers . . .