Begin with a question

I used to run our own version of a church planters' "bootcamp". We'd gather for a few days with some teams and some butcher paper and brainstorm vision, values, mission. We'd look at demographics and needs in the community. We'd outline ministry models and draw up people flow diagrams. And yes, some goals would be set.

I'm older and wiser now. If I was running a bootcamp now, we'd spend the first couple of days reading the book of Acts. In Acts, the risen Lord, continues his ministry through his disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit. The unifying theme of the book is the spread of the dynamic Word of the gospel which results in new disciples who form new churches.

So I'd ask this question,

In Acts, what were the obstacles to making disciples and planting churches, and how were they overcome?

The learning that comes from asking this question will help ensure you don't just plant a church, but spark a movement.