The movement continuum


There's a lot of talk about movements, but how do we know when the movement dynamic has kicked in?

One indicator to look for is the multiplication of disciples, workers, groups and churches. Here's the continuum of progress towards a church planting movement (CPM).

1. Unsure: No clear plan for moving toward a CPM.

2. Moving purposefully: Working to consistently establish first generation believers and churches.

3. Near CPM: Consistently second and third generation churches.

4. Emerging CPM: Consistent third generation churches, some fourth.

5. Sustained CPMs: Consistent fourth generation churches. Multiple streams started.

The vast majority of emerging, mega, traditional, house, missional, seeker focused, and multisite churches in the western world are at stage one.

Go to the developing world and you'll find a multitude of movements consistently getting to at least four generations of (simple) churches.

They understand movements.