These people are crazy


Dave Lawton reports in on what's been happening at Alabaster House:

Starting with five young radicals I remember going to pray in parks at night with them as they started to dream of reaching broken kids with the gospel. Passion was high. So was their faith. There was no resource, no big budget, just big hearts.

A few years later we stand in awe of all that God has done. Many kids and young adults have encountered a loving Jesus community, come to faith, been baptised. I am always hearing stories of broken people discovering Jesus. It's messy, edgy and fun. As a community of 60 to 70 they are now beginning to multiply new churches. They dream big and work on reaching one person at a time.

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Check out their vision statement below (double click to get a good view). I'm weary and skeptical of most "vision statements". I have a hunch these guys are different. . .

Alabaster House vision.jpg