How it began

We began the story of the Student Volunteer Movement in 1886. Eighty years earlier God was preparing the way for the greatest student missionary movement in the history of the church.

In 1806 Five students gathered to pray for revival on their campus and in their generation. Samuel Mills, a freshman, shares his passion about world evangelization. He challenges his peers to offer their lives to world missions.

A movement begins. Foreign missions is born in the United States.

When these students prayed, there were no mission organizations or sending structures in the United States.

But in 1812, through the efforts of students, five missionaries sailed to India. This marked the beginning of foreign missions in the United States, and gave birth to the mission organizations of today.

In the next 60 years, over 500 students joined prayer groups, and over 250 set sail to other parts of the world, committing their lives to missionary service.