7 ways to lose


Without multiplication we lose. Any strategy based merely on the health, growth and addition of individual disciples and churches will never catch up to a multiplying world population. The numbers just don’t add up.

Without a global perspective we lose. I’m confused. Why is the modern/postmodern church in the West so unaware of what God is doing in the developing world? Why are we so reluctant to learn and apply the principles in the West?

Without the gospel we lose. For the last century the Western church has been on a journey of discovery regarding the nature of the gospel and redefining its understanding of mission. We have a century of data regarding the fruit of this pilgrimage and it’s all bad.

Without an army we lose. There is only one way to reach the world. It’s the mobilization of the newest believers to share the gospel with the people in their world and to gather those people into multiplying groups and churches. Everything else is bonus.

Without mobility we lose. Movements don’t stand still, they move. Where in the book of Acts do we find key leaders settling down? They stay just long enough to establish a new community of disciples and allow those disciples to continue the ministry in depth while the pioneers move on to new fields.

Without a lack of resources we lose. What material resources did Jesus provide his disciples when he commanded them to go to the nations? How is it that a world changing movement could be led by men like Peter who told a beggar, “I have no silver and gold,” or Paul who boasted of his poverty.

Without faith we lose. History is open ended. We can’t control the present or even predict the future. God is greater than whatever social forces, or spiritual powers, or sinful human beings do to prevent the spread of the gospel. History is made by men and women of faith.