Good news in Airds

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This prayer update just came in from Tim Scheuer. That's Tim on the right with Nicci and Phil, one of the indigenous team members.

In just a few lines it tells the story of people coming to faith out of hard environments. We hear of a mission team that is out connecting with people in their world, sharing the good news of Jesus in words and deeds. There's even a wedding of a couple who were the first to respond to the gospel in their community just two months ago.

Airds Prayer 10

We have had a good week of ministry at Airds. New people are being trained including seven from Minto Indigenous Church that have formed a new group on Monday. In the first session of these groups I teach people how to share their personal story of coming to faith. I was deeply impacted hearing the stories of Aboriginal people. I did not anticipate that this would be so different than working with non-indigenous people. The stories I heard were both tragic and inspiring. So many of the stories speak of removal from parents, alcohol abuse and premature deaths…

We commenced some “Adopt-a-Block” work on Wednesday. We found people warm, talkative and curious. I met a lady by the name of Grace with a large extended household. She is seeking God but told me she did not know who GOD was. We had a great time sharing with her and look forward to what God might have in store. Please pray for Grace and her extended family.

Tomorrow (Saturday 15th August) is Shane and Nicci’s wedding. I am excited for the opportunity to meet many more friends and family members. Pray for me as I have opportunity during the wedding to speak on God’s unconditional love and as the team mix and mingle and have opportunity to share our stories. Pray for Shane and Nicci that theirs will be a “holy matrimony”.

Thanks very much for your prayers.