Has it come to this?

Sydney shows that life is now resembling reality TV, and not vice versa:

OUTRAGE is growing over tales of sick voyeurism at the scene of this heartbreaking crash at Burwood, where a young mum lost her life this week. When the woman slammed into a tree late on Monday night, a male loved-one ran to the car, pulling at the door in a desperate bid to drag her free.

Instead of rushing to help, some onlookers filmed the scene on handicams and mobile phones, even as the distraught man screamed for help.

Rescue workers have told The Daily Telegraph Online, the phenomenon is becoming all too common at accident scenes around Sydney…

Dean Ivory, who lives directly opposite the crash scene, was one of the few to assist.... “People were taking photos, they had their video cameras out,” Mr Ivory said…

Mr Ivory’s wife Ingrid Clifford said another young woman was filming the scene on her mobile phone.

HT: Andrew Bolt