Overwhelmed by India

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My first trip to India just completed. When I think of the experience there's one phrase that comes to mind, “A crush of people.”

In India, you're not a serious player unless you've planted 2,000 churches. I keep meeting movement leaders who have done just that and more. One good friend has a goal of 100,000 churches and has made a good start.

But let's say he succeeds. 100,000 churches of say an average of 50 people each. That's 5,000,000 people reached. A drop in the ocean compared to India's 1.1 billion people.

There just isn't enough money, training, workers, organizations to reach this nation.

But it must be done.

Then you realise, we have to see the world differently. A bit of faith would not go astray. It's not up to us alone to reach India. Let's not forget we've been drawn into God's mission and he has given us his Word and his Spirit. God loves to shame our wisdom with his foolishness. So expect some surprises. Expect some great leaders and movements to emerge from India that will play a decisive role in reaching the world.

Finally, make sure you drop the word “evangelical” or “missional” from your vocabulary if you don't have a plan to take the gospel beyond your borders to the nations.