Sun sets on Church of England

Pm Jensen-200X0 According to the Age the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has declared a formal split in the worldwide Anglican communion over the consecration of openly gay clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions.

Speaking in Jerusalem before the opening today of a conference of 1000 conservative Anglican leaders, including 280 bishops, Dr Peter Jensen said the split had been triggered by the ordination in the US five years ago of the gay bishop, the Reverend Gene Robinson. "What the Americans did in 2003, and what the Canadians did, was to rip the communion," Dr Jensen said.

Dr Jensen said that the Global Anglican Future Conference was acknowledging that a new state of affairs existed within the worldwide Anglican communion, in which the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury was no longer considered dominant. "My way of putting it is to say that the British Empire has now ceased to be, and the British Commonwealth of Nations has come into existence, or the nuclear family has turned into an extended family. This is the new reality."

According to an 89-page document titled The Way, the Truth and the Life, drawn up by church leaders before the conference, the conference will declare a formal end to the worldwide Anglican communion.

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