Islam's makeover

Muslim TelevangelistsPBS reports on the attempt to adapt Islam for the modern/western world: Muslim Televangelists

According to Moez Masoud the goal is "to present Islam in the most coolest way possible".

I sent the story on to "Tom" a friend working among Muslims. thought you might be interested in the email traffic. . .

Tom: Interesting - I've listened to Amr Khaled and there seems to be a reformation taking place using many aspects of Christianity (using modern music, talking about real issues, community action etc) with all the predictable reactions (similar to Christianity) - who are these unordained preachers, it will fade, they are liberals, the fundamentalist interpretation is the only way. It's a battle for the soul of Islam and will be fascinating what will emerge as the stronger. I guess there will be a multitude of Islams and we will have to learn how to interact with them all!!

Steve: Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not sure what to think of this. Although if they aren't organizing on the ground like the fundamentalists it's hard to see a TV program and lectures making a deep impact.

Tom: You'd be surprised - although Amr Khaled can't go back to Cairo, his tapes are everywhere, especially in taxis. I listed once and thought it was a Christian evangelist! He is younger, attractive, ignores the violent parts of Islam.

Those who are using music will reach the young people e.g. Sami Yusuf. Listen to this song Al Mu'allim (the teacher) - at first it looks like a Christian song. Here's another one.

The interesting thing is that it is not just one person, but there seems to be a whole movement. Eventually it will probably cause orthodox Islam to modernise as well. Among many people there is desire for a modernising of Islam, especially when they see how Islam is perceived in the world. Steve: I wonder if the trend is not the other way. Hope you're right.