Why is this so?

Some more interesting findings from the NCLS study on the effectiveness of church planting. It's not a new study (2003) but you can assume the trends have continued.

Green represents the size of a denomination relative to others. Blue represents the relative amount of church planting a denomination is undertaking.

So why are the largest denominations either unable or reluctant to start new churches? Why is a movement that represents little more than 10% of the church going population planting 45% of the new churches in Australia?

What would the Anglican figures look like if you took out the Sydney diocese? What about if we added in non-Anglican churches started in other places by leaders who developed and trained by Sydney?

John Wesley, that great Anglican clergyman, proclaimed, "The world is my parish." There's something about dynamic movements that propels them into the world to proclaim the gospel and plant churches.

Australian National Church Life Survey (NCLS)