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Have a look at the correlation between number of churches started and growth in numbers of people in these figures from the Queensland Assemblies of God.Plant & Grow Waaog Manual Let's pop across to the UK where Peter Brierley tells the same story:

Uk Churches, Members, Ministers 1900-2000-1

Now to the US and the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) one of the rapidly declining mainline churches. . .

Pcusa Congregations-Members 1983-2001 There is no other story. Whatever your preferred model of church "big, small, traditional, emerging, contemporary” if you aren't multiplying churches you're in trouble.

The question is: Why do some groups multiply new churches and others close them? That's hard to answer. But not impossible.

Here's an easier one: What happens to a movement/denomination that doesn't care whether they are planting churches or closing them down?