The list

 Photo Thumbnails Sharju Christ Church Adlington was build between in the 1830s for a cost of £1,560. It was one of the first major churches in the area.

In 1975 Christ Church held it's last service and closed down. In 1981 the building was sold and became the Sharju Indian restaurant. I understand the food is good.

Christ Church Adlington is one of hundreds of Anglican churches that have been made redundant in England.

Here's the list for 1970-2004. It's frightening. Ninety-five pages of churches closed down. That's 95 pages in case you missed it.

What do you do with a redundant church?

There's a list for that too:


Sale for residential use

Use as a monument

Community use

Village hall


Sale to the Greek Orthodox Church

or the Elim Pentecostals

or the Seventh Day Adventists

or the Assemblies of God

or to the United Pentecostal Church

or to or the Church of God of Prophecy


Violin workshop

Night shelter

Sports centre


Nursing home

I'm only up to page 9 of ninety-five pages (that's 95 pages) of closed churches. . . but you get the idea.

What's the point?

The point is, Why?